Monday, September 9, 2013


{I now look at web sites for all the organizations I sought help at - the
Governor and Lieutenant Governor, all representative's and senator's
offices, Legal Aid Society, Hawaii Dept. of Labor and the DOL -
national, EEOC - Hawaii, district, and national offices, NAACP Hawaii, ,
ACLU of Hawaii, Hawaii - Department of Health, HIOSH and OSHA ( regional
and national ), the Hawaii Office of Information Practices, the
ombudsman's office and Volunteer Legal Services of Hawaii.

The Real Property and Financial Services Section includes a lawyer I was
assisted by, one Andre Wooten, who at the time told me nothing of his
involvement with this organization.
He was suggested to me by church members and NAACP officer, Alfonso
Braggs. I pull up the staff or the particular board of directors of
these organizations and there are last names that are the same and have
some relationship, mostly with real estate, and more than a few with
ties to California.
For the most part, the agencies that pretend to help, most notably the
NAACP and ACLU, only collect information and then say they can do
nothing; I wonder what happens to the information in a state that treats
confidential information as a commodity. Incidentally my former
employer's representation is one of the largest contributors to Legal
Aid Society.}