Thursday, October 25, 2012



Sheriffs’ delight

While local officials cash in, convicts lose out

                         Louisiana's incarceration rate is almost six times Maine's and seven times China's.

Prisoners have not fared well. One of the cruellest ironies of Louisiana's prison system is that the state jails—which tend to house people serving lengthy sentences—do much more to prepare inmates for life outside. But a man serving a ten-year stretch is apt to cool his heels in a local jail, with nothing offered in the way of rehabilitation. He will get out with $10, a bus ticket, and not much else. The chances are that he will resume his life of crime. And somewhere in Louisiana, a sheriff will smile.

NAACP Speaks Up for Master P

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"When I came out of college into the world of work, I realized that it was quite possible that my plan of training a talented tenth might put in control and power, a group of selfish, self-indulgent, well-to-do men, whose basic interest in solving the Negro problem was personal; personal free dom and unhampered enjoyment and use of the world, without any real care, or certainly no arousing care, as to what became of the mass of American Negroes, or of the mass of any people. My Talented Tenth, I could see, might result in a sort of interracial free-for-all, with the devil taking the hindmost and the foremost taking anything they could lay hands on."